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Rob Sheldon offers some thoughts on Richard Dawkins getting canceled by the American Humanist Association

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Our physics color commentator Rob Sheldon recalls,

Dawkins was part of the cancel culture 30 years ago “Christianity is like smallpox only harder to eradicate”. So the fact that the cancel culture turns on its own, is not surprising. Indeed, since anything Dawkins said in his 60 year career is fair game, cancel culture cancels everything, including itself. Soon we will see people being cancelled for having cancelled in the past. When, like the French Revolution, the pace of rolling heads reaches a climax, the whole affair will be over with some authoritarian in charge again. It is, as some political scientists argue, the reason democracies are never stable.

Maybe Cancel Culture is a cancer in society. Unable to stop, it metastasizes until it dies along with its victim. Who or what then will Cancel the American Humanist Association? Is there some reason they should be among the few survivors?

See also: Dawkins deplatformed by American Humanist Association — but who still retains AHA awards?
Soave: “The AHA gave Humanist of the Year awards to the author and activist Alice Walker—who promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories—and also to Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood who promoted eugenics and white supremacy. Sanger’s legacy is so complicated that her own organization is currently disowning her.” Apparently, Rebecca Goldstein and Steven Pinker, also AHA award winners, have written an open letter, asking the AHA to reverse course.

American Humanist Association underbusses Richard Dawkins As a reader puts it: From anti-God hero to trans-racist zero… But the thing is, who cares about the American Humanist Association without people like Dawkins?


Planned Parenthood now denouncing Margaret Sanger — a bit late maybe. Cancel Culture is basically fascism,, tweeted. But the way Darwinism and Social Darwinism sponsored racism — because in that scheme of things, someone always needs to be the lesser human — should have been dealt with a long time ago. There are certainly plenty of other reasons for doubting Darwin and denouncing Sanger today.

2 Replies to “Rob Sheldon offers some thoughts on Richard Dawkins getting canceled by the American Humanist Association

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    BobRyan says:

    Cancel culture is part of socialism’s history. Entire nationalities were cancelled under Stalin both in physical movement to other places, like the gulags, and mass executions. Their histories were written out entirely in the Soviet Union as if they never existed. Mention of the Jews being targeted by the Nazis was never included in Soviet teachings, which included Poland. To the Poles of that time and throughout the entirety of Soviet control, the Jews were never targeted by Hitler.

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    AaronS1978 says:

    I find it deliciously funny that he is being canceled by the very culture he created with relativism

    They use the same arguments to invalidate math that he used to invalidate moral truths

    I just find this hilarious

    What’s even more hilarious is that many Christians and atheist hold the exact same perspective when it comes to their view on the sexes and humanity

    Yet this new monster is many genders that do not exist then he will be canceled for challenging it

    And this monster exist because Richard Dawkins in many of his own colleagues pushed that there is no real objective truth and it stuck

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