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Rolling Stone’s “Hospital Overwhelmed With Ivermectin Overdose Cases” Story False


The story about Rolling Stone’s “update” (which should have been called a retraction) is here.

Tammie - You might be interested in an article I wrote a while ago on this subject: https://mindmatters.ai/2020/06/twenty-years-on-aliens-still-cause-global-warming/ I'm also collecting stories like this for a possible book, which I would title "The Failure of Expertise" as a response to Nichol's book, "The Death of Expertise". johnnyb
Bad enough the Rolling Stone, but when Lancet, the New York Times, the CDC, the NIH, the National Academy of Sciences and the top Scientists and entire Biology textbook industry lie, deceive, and cheat, thats worse. Look at the lies from Lancet and the New York Times, as well as NPR, Facebook etc etc. that claimed it was a "fringe theory, debunked by Scientists, that Covid might have come from the Wuhan Lab And the deceit from the CDC, that Ivermectin is for horses and cows, when it has been safely and successfully used on people for 45 years. And the CDC and Dr Fauci lying when they said that masks "did more harm than good" And the National Academy of Sciences remaining silent when media claimed that droughts, flood, hurricanes heat waves, cold waves are attributable to global warming. And the Biology establishment telling billion of people, over 70 years, that the Miller Urey experiments showed that the "building blocks of life" can easily be made from simple chemicals, when in fact they never have been. When Scientific Establishment lies, how can a rational person trust ANYTHING that they say? TAMMIE LEE HAYNES
You are correct Johnny V they haven’t even touched it I guarantee you this was also in response to Joe Rogan making a swift recovery from space cooties while using ivermectin AaronS1978
Also note - last I checked none of the COVID misinformation Nazis (Twitter, Facebook) were marking this story as misinformation. johnnyb

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