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Rosenberg: Evolution Produces Awareness of Evolution

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One of the amazing things about evolution, aside from spontaneously creating everything, is its creation of conscious automata which in turn figured out that they, and everything else, had evolved. As Duke’s Alex Rosenberg informs New York Times blog readers:  Read more

When i did psychology at uni there was a course called evolutionary psychology. I couldn't work out whether they were using psychology to help the case for evolution or evolution to help the case for psychology. I didnt learn anything at all about psychology in this course. But i did learn how the writers of the text book could fit our psychology into the all encompassing theory of evolution. Mytheos
It's truly amazing to me that the people who write this do not see the self-contradictory nature of their line of reasoning. If they are really honest, they will realize that the premise undermines completely the trustworthiness of the conclusion. I noticed in the excerpt that they used the verb "fools" to describe what the economy of nature does. Concerning this article, I would think that word would be much more useful as a plural noun. JDH

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