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Science decadence: A “Woke” medical journal’s war on having kids


The other day, we were looking at John Horgan’s thoughts on Jeffrey Epstein and the decadence of science.

Well, here’s another symptom:

For decades, The Lancet was seen as one of the world’s preeminent biomedical journals, along with publications such as the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). But something has changed, and the journal now regularly publishes bad research and bizarre opinions…

The Lancet thinks that it’s reasonable to ponder one’s pollution sins before having children. This is insane and misanthropic, and it’s precisely why so many people don’t take environmentalists seriously. Followed to its logical conclusion, nobody should ever have any children, which means we’ll leave a clean and healthy planet for precisely no one.

Unsurprisingly, the article also gives a nod to Extinction Rebellion, a group of activists that tries to convince people to act boldly on climate change by, as I described previously, “preventing people from going to work, spraying graffiti, smashing glass doors, protesting naked, and gluing themselves to street furniture.”

Alex Berezow, “The ‘Woke’ Lancet Asks If It’s Acceptable To Have Children” at American Council on Science and Health

Here’s Lancet on the zero kids policy.

Okay. When institutions get this crazy (and Berezow provides a number of further examples of Lancet gone crazy) , it’s usually because their reason for existence has been undermined.

For example, chances are, your local paramedics are not dancing around dressed as pineapples or radishes to make some point. At any moment the signal will sound and who knows what they’ll have to respond to?—in a professional way. They don’t need crazy; it’s laid on for them with the job they do and they can go on being useful until they retire.

So: Is it Lancet that we don’t need any more or medical journals generally? We’ll be able to find out by seeing whether a number of other journals follow suit and ramp up the crazy.

Why don’t we need Lancet/journals any more?

See also: John Horgan on Jeffrey Epstein and the decadence of science. Horgan: As genuine progress has stalled, hype has surged. A 2015 study of biomedical papers found that between 1974 and 2014 the frequency of terms such as “novel,” “innovative” and “unprecedented” increased 15-fold.

From the 1950s to 1972, mentally disabled children at the Willowbrook State School in New York were intentionally infected with viral hepatitis, the procedures involved deliberately infecting children by feeding them an extract made from the faeces of patients infected with the disease. The wonderful New England Journal of Medicine approved. You can see the Darwinist survival of the fittest paradigm in the background of just about every Medical journal. Belfast
There is nothing weird about it. Our friendly globalist owners, who these days control pretty much all important media outlets and all of the academia, and now also apparently the Lancet, are giving us a strong hint that they no longer have any need for our children. There are already more than plenty of people in the 3rd world, who can do all the same work for a lot less. Our children will not have jobs, at least not the kind of jobs we had, and so they will be pretty unhappy and pissed about it, and may even turn on the globalists one day. The globalists do not need this. Hence the hint. Eugene
>"...protesting naked, and gluing themselves to street furniture." That's going to hurt, just sayin'. EDTA
"The latest example is The Lancet's decision to publish a review of a theatrical performance called Lungs, which is about climate change." Well, this is what happens when people in a culture no longer care to determine what is fact and what is fiction and treat each accordingly. To the believer a theatrical production about climate change is as much the truth as any scientific study and any scientific study is as much the truth as getting up in the morning. And it all begins when people start believing in a fiction like the one called Climate. If you let that particular grandiose imagination control your beliefs, what other things is it holding the door open for? Andrew asauber

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