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Science organizations continue to reel from Jeffrey Epstein “bombshells”


In late August, MIT admitted to accepting $800K from Jeffrey Epstein (then recently deceased), on behalf of physicist Seth Lloyd and MIT Media Lab:

But on Friday, The New Yorker published a bombshell report revealing that the amount of money the MIT Media Lab accepted from Epstein was actually substantially higher — and that the lab’s director Joi Ito went to great lengths to conceal the source of the money.

Drawing from newly obtained e-mails and other documents, as well as interviews with current and former MIT employees, The New Yorker reported that the Media Lab accepted donations from Epstein long after the university dubbed him a “disqualified” donor — by labeling the donations as coming from an anonymous source.

Kristin Houser, “MIT Media Lab Hid Donations From Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein” at Futurism

They kept his name off the records. Joi Ito has since resigned. It would be hard for them to claim they did not know.

But we don’t doubt that there will be lots of grantsmanship and bioethics patter around the question.

See also: Michael Egnor on Jeffrey Epstein: “Consensus science” meant not denouncing him. Listen to this: People’s lives may depend on other people not speaking out. For example about design in nature.

Seth Lloyd?

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From other sources on the big issues:

On Epstein and the science elite. (New York Magazine) (Wow.)

A petition: No Money From Jeff Epstein at MIT, Seth Lloyd Should Resign

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Other fallout in general: Jeffrey Epstein infiltrated science because it was ready to accommodate him

fallout, fallout

Epstein had fingers in many pies. Why are you picking on scientific organizations? Seversky

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