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Scott Turner hopes for academic freedom for ID theorists


From J. Scott Turner in Purpose and Desire:What Makes Something “Alive” and Why Modern Darwinism Has Failed to Explain It,

What modern Darwinism is asking us to admire is a husk of something once living, but with its vital core drained away as we have poked and prodded with our naughty thumbs until we are left with nothing but the beautiful shell. In short, the science of life has become disenchanted with life itself. That is the looming crisis I described in the Preface. (Kindle Locations 4263-4266).

Sometimes, hope floats along on hidden reservoirs of the best tradition of classical liberalism, as in Stephen Jay Gould’s quiet supervision of a young Earth creationist, Kurt Wise, for his doctoral degree in paleontology.5 And on the other hand, as Tevye might say,* despair rises again when one considers the shabby treatment that has been meted out to various advocates of and sympathizers to intelligent (Kindle Locations 4323-4326). intelligent design theory, even to academicians with long-standing solid reputations who suggest there is a legitimate critique to be made of Darwinism, at least in its modern form. Science thus seems rather delicately poised on the cusp of its relationship to culture. Which way will we go? Alienation or accommodation?

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