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She said it: Journalist Suzan Mazur on Darwinist politics

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“But why has the discourse become so frat house – animal house?”

– Suzan Mazur, The Altenberg 16: An Expose of the Evolution Industry, North Atlantic Books, 2010, p. 235.


Sociologist PeterWoods wrote a book last year called "A Bee in the Mouth" about how Post-Modernism, with its abandonment of absolute truth, now requires passion and especially anger for validation. Thus Dawkins doesn't have to reason correctly as long as he's angry enough. PZ Myers, Chris Hitchins, you get the drift. On the other hand, passion has always been the turf of demagogues. When you can't win your point by logic, then speak louder. I think Post-Modernism (not ID!) is the greatest enemy of Enlightenment rationalism and its prophet, Darwin. The Alt-16 know that and are trying to cope. PZ Myers, in his bizarre emotional defense of disembodied atheism, knows it. My prediction is that the noise and heat will increase until a real replacement (Alt-16's goal) is found, and then it will go deathly quiet. Why? Because the replacement is going to mean death for a lot of well-monied establishment occupations and entities. Do I really mean that? Sure. Imagine what would happen to the NCSE if we really were to contact little green men on Mars. Their funding would go to zero faster than Lucifer's fall. All it takes is a paradigm changing observation, and a lot of unassailable bars of bronze will be nothing but rubble. We mistake the noise of battle to be the battle, when it is just noise. Robert Sheldon
I think the discourse is nothing like animal house, and I also don't think it has all that much to do with the evolution debate itself. It seems to be a wider phenomenon within the culture where truth just doesn't matter at all. Just look at the recent screeds coming from the politicians. Mung
I am now picturing Richard Dawkins as Dean Wormer, and this amuses me greatly. Barb

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