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Single Molecule Biophysics — Upcoming Conference

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Here’s an interesting conference with some top-notch speakers on a topic central to ID. I wish I could make it. The conference takes place October 20th.

Single Molecules and Molecular Machines

Sponsored by: California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences and The New York Academy of Sciences

Organizers: Clayton Heathcock and Susan Marqusee, California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3)

Advances in single molecule methods have resulted in the exciting, burgeoning field of single molecule biophysics. These approaches have been exceptionally important in studies on molecular motors, the biological machines essential for providing force and movement in living organisms. Leaders in the field will present studies that reveal new behaviors and molecular details that are obscured by traditional ensemble-based approaches. . . .


Unfortunately, I too will not be able to make it out to California on such short notice for this. Perhaps a commenter here might be able to attend and give us all some notes on the talks? professorsmith
Hey the ID mascot will be discussed there: Flights of the Flagellar Rotary Motor Howard Berg Harvard University Flagellated bacteria swim by rotating long, thin, helical filaments that arise at different points on the cell surface. Each filament is driven at its base by a rotary motor only 45 nm in diameter made from about 20 different kinds of parts. Control of the direction of rotation of such motors is the basis for the chemotactic response, i.e., for the ability of cells to swim up spatial gradients of chemical attractants. I will review what is known about the flagellar motor and describe its behavior near the limit of zero external load. I also noticed that I did not see the word evolution once in the entire article... I did notice "biological machines" though!!! bornagain77

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