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Solar system has 10 or more planets?

File:Planet nine artistic plain.png
Planet Nine as ice giant/Tomruen, nagualdesign

From Sarah Knapton at Telegraph:

In January, astronomers Professor Konstantin Batygin and Professor Mike Brown from California Institute of Technology predicted the existence of a ninth planet after discovering that 13 objects in the Kuiper Belt – an area beyond Neptune – were all moving together as if ‘lassooed’ by the gravity of a huge object.

Now scientists from Cambridge University and Spain have discovered that the paths of the dwarf planets are not as stable as they thought, meaning they could be falling under the influence of more planets further out.More.

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We went camping this weekend and as a special treat on Saturday night we had the astronomy society of Pretoria setup some amazing telescopes. We saw Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, a red dwarf, the moon really close up and a galaxy in the night sky. I think Saturn is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Andre

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