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Somewhat Off Topic: Need Freelance Writer for Higher-Ed Topics

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Hi UncommonDescent Readers: I have a request. I need one or more freelance writers to work for pay on short research articles (ca. 1000 to 3000 words) related to higher-ed. Some of this work will touch on ID but most will not. Contact me at the email address on the homepage of www.designinference.com to learn more. –Bill D.

Thanks for the suggestion, Lamarck. Posts get stuck to the top already, actually, according to a rough guide to growth. The relationship between comments and growth is fairly rough, and we are still studying trends. News
I'm sorry, but the OP lacks sufficient CSI for me to infer that it was designed. Mung
By the way, as long as I have your attention, I was thinking of some kind of punctuated equilibrium for this blog. If a post gets more than 50 comments while on the first page, keep it on the first page for a few days or something. This little "daily popular" column down on the right has an "archived" feel to it. No disrespect to "News". I like the articles and the wit but good stuff gets lost fast. lamarck
No need to be coy Bill, you could have just emailed me directly. lamarck

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