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Start your day with a pre-Cambrian “swimming head” creature

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Only if you want to:

Titanokorys would have been a bewildering animal to encounter. It had multifaceted eyes, a mouth shaped like a pineapple slice that was lined in teeth, and spiny claws located beneath its head to catch prey. The animal’s body was equipped with a series of flaps that helped it swim. And Titanokorys had a large head carapace, or a defensive covering, like the shell of a crab or turtle…

“These enigmatic animals certainly had a big impact on Cambrian seafloor ecosystems. Their limbs at the front looked like multiple stacked rakes and would have been very efficient at bringing anything they captured in their tiny spines towards the mouth. The huge dorsal carapace might have functioned like a plough,” Caron said.

Ashley Strickland, “Giant ‘swimming head’ creature lived in our oceans 500 million years ago” at CNN (September 8, 2021)
Why does the title say "pre-Cambrian" when the date specified and the discussion in the article and video are all clearly Cambrian? Are you trying to undermine the Cambrian explosion evidence for ID? The video is weird too in that most of the images in it have nothing to do with this discovery, nor the Cambrian period. Fasteddious

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