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Steve Meyer on COAST TO COAST tonight


DNA & Intelligent Design

Date: 07-28-09
Host: George Noory
Guest: Stephen Meyer

George Noory Stephen Meyer

Stephen C. Meyer will discuss recent discoveries in cell biology which support intelligent design and reveal that digital computers and living cells are operating on the same principles.

SOURCE: www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2009/07/28

Shawnboy, "Meyer spanked him like an unruly child. No wonder Darwinists are so reluctant to debate I.D. proponents. They know they’ll lose….badly." After you posted this I watched it - hadn't seen it before. Thanks for posting it. The problem with Peter Ward's "debate" with Meyer, is he had only one argument - the mischaracterization of ID with religious dogma. He kept stating this and Meyer kept tearing it down more forcefully each time by presenting the scientific evidence. Ward was talking more dogma than Meyer was, and I noticed that while the audience was applauding mostly Ward at the beginning, Meyer was receiving most of the applause towards the end. They asked the audience if anyone had changed their mind - towards the end. Nobody answered either way, but the shift in applause showed clearly that Meyer had earned their trust more than Ward did. Meyer's insistance on discussing only the science and leaving the metaphysical questions up to philosophy and theology is quite effective. Plus, he is genuinely cordial and friendly with anybody he debates, and he apologizes if he says anything unintentionally offensive. Ward called his demeanor "smooth." I call it persuasive. BTW - I've made it to Chapter 6 in "Signature" so far. Great read. CannuckianYankee
Meyer's segment is up on YouTube. It's broken into four parts, a little under forty minutes in total (38:43 to be exact). I would post the links but I'm not sure how the copyright laws work. Anyways, Stephen Meyer seems to be a one-man Darwin wrecking machine. I watched his debate against Peter Ward and I actually felt bad for Ward. Meyer spanked him like an unruly child. No wonder Darwinists are so reluctant to debate I.D. proponents. They know they'll lose....badly. ShawnBoy
#13 PaulBurnett I listened to the last two hours and can say that it went very well. I don't recall any talk about panspermia, although there was one sort of angry atheist ID proponent who believed the designer was ET because he sounded like he has a grudge against God. Dr. Meyer took his call with great tact and even commented toward the end that Coast to Coast has one of the smartest audiences of any radio show, despite what some people here would like to believe. UrbanMysticDee
"Lock" (#12) wrote: "A fear a great deal of Coast to Coast listeners may just go for panspermia." So did anybody actually listen to Steve's talk? How did it go? PaulBurnett
I was once softly ridiculed by a man who understood me to be a christian based on the conversation he over-heard... I was not offended. So I asked him what he believed. I kid you not... he said he was waiting for the aliens to save us before we killed ourselves. I said, 'Well it already happenned 2 thousand years ago, but we hung Him on a cross.' Now mind you, the Bible is not exactly the typical alien story. For one thing God is not from within the universe (etc). But if you think about it, the popular alien stories are cheap compared to the gospel. The guy got the point and was visibly shaken by the simmilarity that had eluded him before. A fear a great deal of Coast to Coast listeners may just go for panspermia. So hard to break habitual intuition... Lock
ShawnBoy, Thank you, that made my morning. HouseStreetRoom
ShawnBoy, -------"I emailed them and asked if they’d do a story entitled “Pond Scum + 3.8 Billion Years = Albert Einstein?”. They said they wouldn’t. They only want people to think they’re cooky, not bat**** crazy." Hahahaha. Nice one. Clive Hayden
There is more evidence for UFOs then there is for universal common descent via an accumulation of genetic accidents. Joseph
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I emailed them and asked if they'd do a story entitled "Pond Scum + 3.8 Billion Years = Albert Einstein?". They said they wouldn't. They only want people to think they're cooky, not bat**** crazy. ShawnBoy
CY @ 2:
I’m sure you have a point in there somewhere Diffaxial?
Yes: CY @ 4:
most of the stuff on there is over the top. It’s an X-Files sorta thing.
yeah, most of the stuff on there is over the top. It's an X-Files sorta thing. But once in a while they have something serious. It's not often. CannuckianYankee
I'm surprised he'll be on Coast to Coast. C2C is known for being a sorta, how should I put it... a show for crazies. :) Which is why so many people love listening to it. But it doesn't seem like a great show to go on to be taken serious. dodgingcars
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"Diffaxial" (#1) wrote: "Other recent topics of Coast to Coast: Spirit Attachment - hauntings UFOs & Nukes Madame Blavatsky Art Bell - demonic possession Upright Bipedal Canine Creatures Atlantis, Cayce, & Artifacts Somehow this does not sound like a forum for actual scientists discussing actual science. Are you sure this was a good idea? PaulBurnett
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Not that it matters much but I could never figure out how Coast-to-Coast AM can walk such a fine line between outright crackpottery and legitimate science. The eclectic mix of guests and subject matter is, shall I say, a little strange. Mapou

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