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Strange Herring Calls It

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Anthony Sacramone on how NDE works.

BTW, Strange Herring is one of my daily stops. Fun and wise, a rare combination.

A new thread will be started. Kirk is working on the opening. Barry Arrington
Hi Barry, Kirk Durston has made a request have a new thread started under tighter constraints so that it may be more productive and focused discussion of the topic, instead of the mess it has become. in fact this is his actual request: I am very tempted to respond to some of the points that have been raised here, but I can see that there is a major problem with this discussion in that there are far too many ideas being discussed in too loose a fashion. I also see that some of the problems in this discussion are resulting from the convergence (or joint application) of logical argumentation, empirical probabilities and Bayesian probabilities. I would like to start a new thread that works through my thinking on this subject, but proceed in a meticulous (pedantic) fashion. I must say in advance, however, that I can only devote a small amount of time per week on this discussion, so it would proceed at a slow, but hopefully quality, pace. Still, I feel that a meticulous, slow-paced discussion can be much more productive than a fast-paced, multi-issue, loose one. I don’t know how to start a new thread on this forum, but if this is agreeable to the powers that be, then those powers should let me know how to start a new thread and I’ll proceed. I would make the first post, lay out a couple ground rules to keep the discussion tightly focused, present a couple definitions, and then pause to make sure we are in sufficient agreement to proceed. Once there is sufficient agreement on the basics, we can then proceed to one or two subsequent points, discus them, then move to the next point or two, and so on. In that way, I think we can accomplish something. We may not arrive at checkmate, but I am certain that we can at the very least make much better progress toward that end. bornagain77
Aw maaan! I used to be ID. I always thought that evolution took a really,really,really,really,really,really long time. Now I realise just how looooooooooooooong it took. With my new understanding of deeeeeeep time, I see that evolution is inevitable. What can I say. bFast
Wow, I guess I do see a resemblance. F2XL

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