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Supersymmetry a beautiful idea, lacking only evidence


Supersymmetry predicts a partner particle for each particle in the Standard Model, to help explain why particles have mass – CERN

From Economist:

Strictly speaking, Susy can never be formally disproved. It can always be tweaked so that sparticles appear only at energies that are just out of reach of the best existing colliders. Yet the more such tweaks are applied, the more they erode the elegance for which the theory is admired.

In light of the LHC’s failure to find evidence for Susy, more physicists are arguing that the field’s obsession with the theory is a waste of time and effort. Scientists at the LHC filter the data they record by looking first for particles predicted by favoured theories, including Susy. Less popular ideas get a smaller share of the resources. That could delay other discoveries. Dr Lane, for instance, thinks so-called composite-Higgs models, which assume the Higgs is made up of even smaller constituent particles, should get more attention. More.

It’s an odd fact that there is massive evidence for fine-tuning of our universe but the idea must be rejected. There is no evidence for supersymmetry but seemingly one cannot give up the search.

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Copernicus, you are not going to believe who is using your name. Or how.

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