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Tadpole shrimp – unchanged since the Triassic?

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There is an interesting news story in the Guardian about the tadpole shrimp Triops cancriformis that has managed to exist unchanged since the Triassic. Its life cycle involves a short breeding season with eggs laid in the mud. These eggs can survive for long periods as the mud dries out periodically.

Guardian – World’s most ancient creatures found in Scottish field – 29 July 2010

These fossils are from flood laid sediment layers of no more then 4500 years old. Look hard enough and everything , within the original kind, will be found too. this shrimp didn't evolve because evolution has never happened save in minor details. The shrimp is simply easy to fossil because it was so common. I predict more creatures will be found unchanged for millions/billions of years. Robert Byers
But surely evolutionary pressures OR an intelligent designer recognises that a . . . . form is well adapted to it's micro-environment and any change is detrimental to the survival of that form? ellazimm
But we did! We never stopped evolving until now... hmmmm. We evolved from fish to chimp to human. Yet this little critter remains the same. Look how easy it is according to Darwinian logic(comments are hilarious). From Fish to humans - those pesky neurons and Darwinist assumptions But gee, now a new story is told and makes much more sense, because of your neck. As one commenter posted, maybe we'll all be giraffes one day. DATCG
which = who Mats
Another animal which forgot to evolve. Mats

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