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Telic Thoughts advises us of sad news re award-winning geneticist George Church

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George Church/Steve Jurvetson

Here. Oh goodness, Church is okay!

Except for the fact that Jerry Why Evolution Is True Coyne is mad at him. Can the man hope to live under those circumstances?

Church said in response to a question, Is there evidence of God in science?

Some people feel that science and faith have nothing in common. But a considerable amount of faith drives everyday science — and frequently religion addresses scientific topics (e.g. the physics/biology of miracles, ancient gods, Galileo). If faith had no impact on our physical brain, then by what mechanisms does it impact our spoken conversations. Billions of humans (in a very real scientific sense) have faith. The overlap is vast and fertile. As we learn more about nature, for many of us, this greatly strengthens rather than lessens our awe.

From Coyne:

Sad, isn’t it, that a really smart scientist makes an assertion that “a considerable amount of faith drives everyday science.”

Telic Thoughts’ chunkdz riffs,

This is a truly devastating blow to science because now Church’s Personal Genome Project will never be able to aid in medical diagnoses of life threatening diseases, his company Knome will never be able to fund research on breast cancer, and his biotech company LS9 will never ever develop renewable biofuels. And since Church has been debilitated, he probably will also have to resign his positions at the NIH, Harvard, MIT, The Wyss Institute, and his position as senior editor of Nature’s EMBO Systems Biology.

Despite this tragedy, we can all take comfort in the fact that Jerry Coyne is devoting less time to actual science and spending more and more of his time eradicating the chronic and debilitating disease of faith (that is, when he’s not posting pictures of shaved cats.)

You will be missed, George.

Yes, chunkdz, but it is very important in these times to keep our priorities straight. When Darwinism calls,science MUST be put to one side.

"Despite this tragedy, we can all take comfort in the fact that Jerry Coyne is devoting less time to actual science." === Perhaps Jerry Coyne could apply for being a Hollywood stunt double for the actor Rick Moranis who play the wacky goofy abscent minded nerd of a professor in "Honey I Shrunk The Kids". http://www.northernstars.ca/actorsmno/Media/moranis_250_02.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_RQjQvxtmK8A/S-cLIwxRzkI/AAAAAAAAC-k/i3F30jufPEE/s1600/card+053+Jerry+Coyne.png The resemblance is uncanny. Eocene
But a considerable amount of faith drives everyday science... But that would not involve beliefs. Doveton. Mung
FaithSCIENCE : Confidence, based on mountains of experience, that answers to questions about reality are best derived from a combination of evidence and reason.
Yet evolutionism doesn't have any experiences to call upon nor does it answer any questions about reality-> no evidence nor reason to call upon either. Geez Jerry thanks for proving evolutionism isn't science. Joseph

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