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Texas inhabited several thousand years earlier than thought

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From Bruce Bower at Science News:

Excavations at the Gault site, about 64 kilometers north of Austin, produced a range of stone artifacts that date to between around 16,700 and 21,700 years ago, reports a team led by archaeologist Thomas Williams of Texas State University in San Marcos. An analysis of 184 of those finds identified 11 spearpoints unlike any others that have been found at ancient American sites, the scientists conclude July 11 in Science Advances.

Researchers have long argued about whether people reached North America before the rise of Clovis culture 13,000 years ago. Evidence from the Gault site joins other recent reports of humans venturing deep into North America far earlier (SN: 6/11/16, p. 8), which would take Clovis people out of the running for the title of first New World settlers. More.

Any kind of history that is actively researched is a moving target. Stay tuned.

See also: Rewriting human evolution story: No single human origin One question this version of the tale raises is, why were they all headed in the same direction developmentally? And no apes were? The old, single-origin story did have the virtue of simplicity: One group just happened to develop a mind in the same way that zebras developed stripes. That made the search for the Missing Link simple, even if fruitless.


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