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The Amazing Stickleback

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It’s worth repeating that if Charles Darwin had explained that evolution proceeds in fits and starts, his theory would have been ridiculed from the start. Imagine if Darwin had explained that, according to his theory of evolution, species rapidly appear as if planted there, and then go unchanged for eons. Darwin would have been laughed off the stage. Darwin had to present a narrative of gradualism. Funny thing is, the fits-and-starts narrative is today precisely what evolutionists tell us.  Read more
Such rapid adaptations do not help us understand why the fossil record is characterized by the rapid appearance of new species followed by eons of no change.
They explain the rapid appearance: evolution can be quick. No change would suggest that the species is at an evolutionary optimum: I don't think the stickleback work tells us much about this. BTW, size is generally labile (look at dogs). Plate number is largely controlled by a single gene. So rapid evolution doesn't seem that unlikely. Heinrich

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