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The Good News guy faces tough questions now


Here’s my Mercator.Net story on Francis Collins as new NIH head:

President Obama has chosen an evangelical Christian as the new head of the National Institutes of Health. He is coming under fire from both sides of the culture wars.

[ … ]

Of course, his advocacy of faith as a public scientist has received mixed reviews, to the point of attracting histrionics about looming “theocracy.”

But now that Collins faces confirmation hearings before the Senate, the focus will shift from his persona to his view on issues relevant to his new job. He seems much more relaxed about abortion and human embryonic stem cell research than the average evangelical leader, so it will be interesting to see if he attracts any flak on that account.

Go here for more.

Oh Mr Jerry, I couldn't leave on the verge of being given posting priveleges! :) (you are voting for me, right?) Nakashima
"It t seems to be even-handed in its misunderstanding of both evolution and ID!" I would think it is your obligation to straighten them out now that you have pin pointed the deficiencies of their knowledge. We will approve a sabbatical from UD for you of up to a year for your efforts. See you in 2010. jerry
Mrs O'Leary, I like this version better than the draft that ran here at UD 10 days ago. Also, I saw this article on Darwin and the new biology on that site. It seems to be even-handed in its misunderstanding of both evolution and ID! :) Nakashima

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