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The Logic of Fingerprinting

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Check out the following article in the July 28th, 2005 issue of Nature, which clearly indicates how improbability arguments can be used to eliminate randomness and infer design: “‘Fingerprinting’ documents and packaging: Unique surface imperfections serve as an easily identifiable feature in the fight against fraud.” I run through the logic here in the first two chapters of The Design Inference.

Game and Fisheries PhD Wesley Elsberry is, once more, pretending to understand probabilities better than Dembski who has a PhD in probability. http://www.pandasthumb.org/archives/2005/08/of_frauds_and_f.html I'm afraid I have to conclude that Wesley's mathematical abilities end at being able to walk around and count the number of Yellow Cheeked Warbler nests on an acre of land then multiplying by the number of acres to get a total estimate. DaveScot
It's probably safe to say no one will accuse you of being the Johnny Cochran of Information Theory. DaveScot

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