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The multiverse as the most dangerous idea in physics


File:Multiverse - level II.svg According to cosmologist George F.R. Ellis in Scientific American:

Astronomers are able to see out to a distance of about 42 billion light-years, our cosmic visual horizon. We have no reason to suspect the universe stops there. Beyond it could be many—even infinitely many—domains much like the one we see. Each has a different initial distribution of matter, but the same laws of physics operate in all. Nearly all cosmologists today (including me) accept this type of multiverse, which Max Tegmark calls “level 1.” Yet some go further. They suggest completely different kinds of universes, with different physics, different histories, maybe different numbers of spatial dimensions. Most will be sterile, although some will be teeming with life. A chief proponent of this “level 2” multiverse is Alexander Vilenkin, who paints a dramatic picture of an infinite set of universes with an infinite number of galaxies, an infinite number of planets and an infinite number of people with your name who are reading this article.

Similar claims have been made since antiquity by many cultures. What is new is the assertion that the multiverse is a scientific theory, with all that implies about being mathematically rigorous and experimentally testable. I am skeptical about this claim. I do not believe the existence of those other universes has been proved—or ever could be.

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Actually, we have no particular reason to believe that even a Level 1 multiverse exists. The idea got started to circumvent the problems of the Big Bang as some kind of a beginning and the apparent fine tuning of our universe, which suggests some kind of design.

Actually, the multiverse will bring physics, as we have known it, to an end.

To make it work, we must abandon basic principles of science. There are already calls, for example, to abandon falsifiability and many have long since given up on Occam’s razor in science.

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Prediction: Many cosmologists will embrace absolutely the most flipping nonsense rather than take what we can learn from the only cosmos we know seriously.

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