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The multiverse doesn’t need actual evidence …


… so it is amazing what can be pulled out of the hat

File:Multiverse - level II.svg From New Scientist, on the recent signal for gravitational waves (believed to be from the Big Bang):

Multiverse gets real with glimpse of big bang ripples

Wave hello to the multiverse? Ripples in the very fabric of the cosmos, unveiled this week, are allowing us to peer further back in time than anyone thought possible, showing us what was happening in the first slivers of a second after the big bang.

The discovery of these primordial waves could solidify the idea that our young universe went through a rapid growth spurt called inflation. And that theory is linked to the idea that the universe is constantly giving birth to smaller “pocket” universes within an ever-expanding multiverse.

Actually, any findings whatever would solidify an idea whose adherents are so determined to believe.

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But who needs reality-based thinking anyway? Not the new cosmologists

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Noticing yet another idea (the Multiverse thing)will be taught as college "truth"...but which has to draw on some kind of "faith" to support itself. I.e. the words "Someday science will show..." will back up its assertions... ...which makes it more like a semi faith...than a solid theory. vikingmom
Or was it Richie D? Axel
Wasn't it Leonie Helmsely who said evidence was for little people? Axel

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