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The new John Lennox film, Against the Tide



Renowned Oxford University mathematician John Lennox is featured in a new film about faith and science called “Against the Tide.” It will premiere in theaters across America for one night only, Nov. 19. The fascinating biopic tells the story of Lennox’s life defending the harmony between science and faith.

John Lennox is the Oxford mathematician who wrote 2084: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity (2020), among many other books.

You may also enjoy: John Lennox: How AI raises the stakes for all of us. AI could cause more serious problems than nuclear energy. You cannot build a bomb in your bedroom but you could hack your way around the world.

Exclusive!: John Lennox answers our questions about AI in 2084. He doubts that AI, now or then, will out-think humans. Our real worry is how it will be used.


2084 vs 1984: The difference AI could make to Big Brother. Lennox: Whether the surveillance AI technology enables is an advantage is something that we need to seriously think about before we’re engulfed by it. (A podcast with Walter Bradley Center director Robert J. Marks)

Wow, sounds great! John Lennox is as brilliant as he's kind and humble. -Q Querius

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