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The Pentagon is now talking like ID types?


Well, the UFO report has been released: The brass have committed themselves to going “wherever the data takes us”: From Mind Matters News:

As promised, the Pentagon released its UAP (UFO) report. And what did they find? First, they

… lack sufficient data to determine the nature of mysterious flying objects observed by American military pilots including whether they are advanced earthly technologies, atmospherics or of an extraterrestrial origin. –

Steve Gorman, “Watershed U.S. UFO report does not rule out extraterrestrial origin” at Reuters via Yahoo News (June 25, 2021)

But read on:

The report marked a turning point for the U.S. government after the military spent decades deflecting, debunking and discrediting observations of unidentified flying objects and “flying saucers” dating back to the 1940s.

Steve Gorman, “Watershed U.S. UFO report does not rule out extraterrestrial origin” at Reuters via Yahoo News (June 25, 2021)

More than anything, the report marks a change in attitude. At one time, lack of sufficient data was, essentially, a basis for dismissing whatever was happening. Now they must, at least, take it seriously. For one thing, the superior technology might not be alien, it might be earthlings who are better equipped than the U.S. military. – News, “The Pentagon’s UAP (UFO) report signals a sharp attitude change” at Mind Matters News

Takehome: No, the brass didn’t report UFOs. But they reported enough mysteries to stop merely debunking and discrediting… and follow the evidence.

Our physics color commentator Rob Sheldon notes,

It’s a peculiar observation that intelligent design is allowed for SETI but not for biology. It is as if there is an invisible wall between the organic and inorganic, where the organic must be chance and the inorganic must be design. So Avi Loeb can hypothesize that Oumuamua is a designed space probe, and we should search the Moon for wreckage of previous space probes, but the presence of organic molecules on the Moon and on every comet we’ve explored is merely chance. Or the author of this SciAm blog, who thinks we have been visited by space probes in the past, but DNA from space is highly unlikely.

Rob Sheldon is also the author of Genesis: The Long Ascent and The Long Ascent, Volume II .

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The UAPs (UFOs) are “not caused by any U.S. advanced technology.” And that’s all the Pentagon probably really knows. Some, including physicist Mark Buchanan, hope we never find out if it’s aliens or not. (June 19, 2026)

Come to New Hampshire and get abducted. https://www.crystalinks.com/bettyandbarnyhill50.jpg I took my own picture of this sign a couple weeks ago. jerry
Astrophysicist Hugh Ross makes the case that some UAP/UFOs cannot be plausibly explained away. However, they are observed doing things contrary to the laws of physics, like incredible acceleration without visible means of propulsion, going from air to water at high speed without a splash, making turns that would crush anything material, etc. He thinks that the best hypothesis may be that we are dealing not with extraterrestrial beings, who are after all subject to the laws of this universe, but entities from another dimension. As such, they are real but transcend our physical laws. Theists, of course, have long held that there is another dimension in which real beings exist, such as demons & angels. But one doesn't have to be a theist to conclude that extra-dimensional beings may exist & even visit. anthropic
In June 1947, a private pilot spotted what a newspaper reporter dubbed "flying saucers." He also submitted a drawing to the U.S. Army Air Force. Two types of objects were sighted and neither was circular. In September 1947, Air Materiel Command at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio replied to a request from the Commanding General of the Army Air Force concerning "Flying Discs." After describing various observed characteristics, multiple possibilities as to the origin of these aircraft were presented, including this: "It is possible within the present U.S. knowledge -- provided extensive detailed development is undertaken -- to construct a piloted aircraft which has the general description of the object in sub- paragraph (e) above which would be capable of an approximate range of 7000 miles at subsonic speeds." It was also possible that such an aircraft was already being built under a highly classified domestic program. Or a foreign nation has some form of propulsion, possibly nuclear, which is outside of their domestic knowledge. And this: "Awaiting a specific directive AMC will continue the investigation within its current resources in order to more closely define the nature of the phenomenon. Detailed Essential Elements of Information will be formulated immediately for transmittal thru channels." In other words, nothing has changed since then. To ET: A number of authors, including official Air Force spokesmen, have given most UFO sightings conventional explanations. Books by Donald Menzel: The UFO Enigma: The Definitive Explanation of the UFO Phenomenon The World of Flying Saucers: A Scientific Examination of a Major Myth of the Space Age Flying Saucers. relatd
No one has shown that most UFO sightings have had conventional explanations. ET
This is like revisiting old battlefields. Most of us accepted most UFO sightings had conventional explanations but there was always a small residue that didn't. The Pentagon report just seems to confirm this. Our technology might be superior? If aliens are here, they can travel between stars. We can't. So whose technology is likely to be superior. Seversky
"spent decades deflecting, debunking and discrediting " Well, not really. The attitude in the '50s was similar to what we've got now. Cautiously encouraging the UFO hobbyists because they were effectively doing a beta test on our secret technology. polistra
The people at the Pentagon know. They do not have a lack of sufficient data. They do not have a lack of disinformation. ET
The aliens DON'T want us to know they're there. The aliens DO want us to know they're there. So, which is it? The aliens are a fun-loving "people" or there is a "group" of humans playing silly games with us! Look mum, we can flit around and then hide! Aren't we clever? Frankly, if they do exist and are so much more highly advanced than us, then it follows that they are morally abhorrent creatures and I want them to repent and become more like us. For example, their technology implies that they might be able to help solve some of our greatest problems but, no, they just want to play hide and seek. Give me a break. When I see a non-grainy photo of one of these ufos maybe then I'll start believing. There are now 645 quintillion cameras in the world and NONE of them have a higher resolution than potato when it comes to aliens. And so what if I believe or not. What does that matter? They'll still just keep flitting around and then going "home" to their wife and spawn and laughing hysterically about their day's "work". Evil sh--s. They are morally abhorrent creatures except they don't actually exist. And even if they do, I think we should just kill them out of spite for watching while we all die of disease and communism and Georg Floyd (but I repeat myself). I hate the bas----s. ronvanwegen

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