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The Public Has Been Paying For Evolution, But …

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After several decades of the quiet misallocation of public funds on evolution research, science writer Suzan Mazur finally explains to evolutionist Steve Benner that “The public has been paying for scientific research but has not had a say in how funds are directed,” and that “the times are asking for more transparency.” Indeed. It is curious that  Read more

It's the dictatorship of Darwinism. How they get away with it in a democracy is anyone's guess. Mapou
Thank you dr. Hunter for linking to this interesting article. OOL researchers like Woese, Goldenfeld and Sutherland seem to hold that LUCA, the last universal common ancestor, was not anything material; it was a 'process'. Also of interest is Steve Benner’s damning summation of the problems for OOL research – a clear case of admission against interest. Box

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