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The remarkable fine-tuning of the dragonfly

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The short film is titled “the insane biology” of the dragonfly. In what sense is any of this insane?

One harm Darwinism has done to people is to make things that are conventional expressions of intelligence sound “insane. ”

And despite being considered relatively primitive insects, dragonflies possess some of the most unique and spectacular flight adaptations of any animal.
In other words, even though they're simple, they're more advanced. Yeah, makes a lot of sense.
. . . large and highly developed compound eyes . . .
Their unusual direct flight muscles, excellent 360 degree vision, able to switch between a large variety of flight behaviors and aerial acrobatics, and brain are highly advanced, such that they have a 95% success rate in hunting other (more advanced) insects by calculating interception paths rather than just tracking. They are arguably the most efficient hunter on earth. And for 300 million years, "evolution" (personified) has left them virtually unchanged except for size. Or maybe they were intelligently designed and the larger ones became extinct. They miraculously managed to not evolve for 300 million years while other insects that they preyed on supposedly did. Regardless of the science fiction, dragonfly biotechnology is simply amazing! -Q Querius

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