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The Resurrection of Uncommon Descent


By popular demand this blog is back in operation, though with only limited participation in the future from me. Past contributors to this blog have decided they are willing to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining this blog, namely, DaveScot, Bombadill, Crandaddy, and Gumpngreen. Unlike in the past, when they were limited to commenting on my postings, they now have full posting privileges. They will be in charge of the day-to-day business of this blog, everything from keeping it interesting to approving comments to booting recalcitrant commenters. Of these four, DaveScot has been the designated blogczar — the buck stops with him.

Welcome back, Red Reader! crandaddy
This is great! Out of town since the 4th, today I was happily surprised to see the blog back up. I am extremely happy with Dr. Dembski's choices of DaveScot, Bombadill, Crandaddy and Gumpngreen to moderate. These four have shown competent understanding of ID and unfailing patience with naysayers. I have learned from them on both fronts. I'm grateful for this blog; it's the one place I've found that handles the controversy in a rigorously positive and objective manner. It has helped me sharpen my understanding and given me a place to put my own thoughts in writing without having to suffer unwarranted abuse for it. Thank you! Red Reader
Ocellated: If your posts don't immediately show up assume they were caught in the filter so don't keep up on reposting. If they never show up, well... ;) Patrick
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"How about putting a scientist in charge of the blog" Dr. Dembski will still be involved with this site, just not as often. Patrick
How about putting a scientist in charge of the blog evoluck
Super glad to see the sites back :) :) :) . After the 'moth balling' went into effect i kept checking back here and saw there was no new posts. Couple days later and no checking and then ka-boom we're back in business. Charlie Charliecrs
Just as I predicted, Ed Brayton refuses to lift the ban on DaveScot on his blog while here I allow his trackbacks including his kindergarten level insults aimed at me. That frames the censorship issue nicely. God I love being right! 'Nuff said. DaveScot
DaveScot's Sense of Humor Writing at Dembski's blog, DaveScot refers to my post on him taking over that blog yesterday: Be sure to read Ed Brayton’s trackback pn Dispatches. The peanut gallery never fails to provide some laughs. Just to show Ed there’s no... Dispatches from the Culture Wars
Fantastic! saxe17
You're the in the hot seat now Dave. I am glad this blog will live on, though, if for no other reason than that PT needs a counterweight! DonaldM
Be sure to read Ed Brayton's trackback pn Dispatches. The peanut gallery never fails to provide some laughs. Just to show Ed there's no hard feelings I approved his trackback. Let's see if he returns the courtesy (probability zero) and lifts the ban on DaveScot on his blog. ;-) DaveScot
Hey, why couldn't I get a posting priviledge? Benjii
Dembski's Blog is Back Just after Christmas, Dembski decided to mothball his blog because it was taking up too much of his time. Now it's back, but you're not gonna believe who's in charge: By popular demand this blog is back in operation, though... Dispatches from the Culture Wars
HOOORAY! Even if you visit infrequently, Bill, we're delighted to hear from you. Salvador scordova
If I may speak for all the lurkers. Hooray! Barrett1
blogzar Davescot: please call on me if you need help. Or coffee.... :) dougmoran
Sounds like a great plan. Welcome back... dougmoran
School board rescinds 'intelligent design' policy http://www.cnn.com/2006/EDUCATION/01/04/evolution.showdown.ap/index.html Shane
T H A N K Y O U ! Shane

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