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The Science Guy: Evolution is True, Creationism is False


Bill Nye, host of the 1990s “Bill Nye the Science Guy” children’s show, makes a plea for evolution in this new video clip. Nye explains that evolution deniers are not scientifically literate and have no future:  Read more

How Science Works: We take an existing theory. Randomly modify the theory. Randomly modify the observations. Toss it out into academia and see if it survives. Repeat. Mung
Evolution is true because a strawman was erected and torched. Once upon a time a desperate man named Charles Darwin erected the strawman, called it the of the fixity of species and torched it so all could see what he haz done. So impressed was he with himself that many others were impressed. The strawman is dead, long live the strawman! Yet still others said nay, you have gone too far, I am not a monkey's uncle for a monkey can't drive a car! So the impressed suppressed the rest and the strawman lived happily ever after. (yeah OK no cars in darwin's day- poetic justice) Joe
Cornelius, please open comments on your blog.
Ditto!!! And also make sure you blog doesn't become troll infested -- You're were to flimsy with the trolls. JWTruthInLove
I couldn't get into Mr hunter's blog either. whats a MEMBER?? The great point here is once again creationism by YEC and ID folks has made such a impact in the world that everyone, TV too, must address it. This would never of happened decades ago. Surely a revolution is taking place here. Either we shall change things or be stunning defeated. Its already got too big. If MR Nye is so confident about evolution then why not on his shows let the best of both sides be presented to the kids. Let the kids decide for themselves whether creationism is good ideas and makes good criticisms of evolutionism etc. More attention brings more literacy in these subjects. Just announcing one side is wrong is teaching kids not to question , not to be confident in their ability to question, and teaching disrespect for others conclusions. Robert Byers
Cornelius, please open comments on your blog. Eugen
It is indeed a blessing that Dr Cornelius has taken up posting on his site again. I would like to offer my support on his site, but I have been rebuffed by a requirement that one must be a member of his "team" to comment. Does anyone know what qualifications a person must have to become a member of his team? Daniel King
I'm all for making lots more engineers, especially those with nano-scale specialties, and after they've had a little experience, let them ponder if OOL explanations are plausible. I'm sure they'll find themselves agree with Jerry Coyne after some consideration: "In science's pecking order, evolutionary biology lurks somewhere near the bottom, far closer to phrenology than to physics." And physics and intelligent design are the foundation of engineering, not evolutionism and phrenology. scordova
mahuna- that is BIG science-> the climate changes (with or without humans)! How dare it do such a thing!!!!!111!1!! Joe
Bill Nye is also heavily into Global Warming. He condemns "deniers" as much as he condemns skeptics of Evolution. So it would appear that he's about as anti-science as a Scientist can get. mahuna
Eric, In New England "wicked" means really, really good/ cool. But anyway Gil has it right-> engineers do not need nor use the theory of evolution. Mathematics does not need nor use the theory of evolution. Joe
Bill Nye should have kept to what he did best: explaining basic lab science to kids. He had a role there and was, generally, pretty entertaining and good at it. Now that he is trying to play with the big boys and build something of a second career by being the spokesperson of science to the unwashed adults, I have lost a lot of respect for him. First he jumped whole hog on the climate doom bandwagon. Now, proclaims Bill Nye, anyone who doesn't believe in evolution is essentially, in the words of Dawkins, "ignorant, stupid or insane." Actually, I'm wicked! :) On second thought, maybe he's just trying to set himself up for consideration as the Presidential Science Advisor or perhaps even the next director of the NCSE. :) Eric Anderson
Science Guy: "We need engineers that can build stuff." I'm an engineer. I build stuff. And I don't do it by introducing random errors into my computer programs and throwing out what doesn't work. I do it with foresight, purpose, and design. Let's face it, when "Science Guy" refers to "evolution" he means the creative powers of random errors filtered by natural selection as the be-all and end-all of biological creativity. Science Guy has it exactly backwards. Faith in this utter nonsense is a science-stopper and the quintessential enemy of engineering, which is by definition goal-driven -- the antithesis of "evolution" if he were forced to define it in explicit terms. Science Guy should have said, "Anyone who doesn't believe that inanimate matter spontaneously generated highly complex information and the associated functionally-integrated machinery, and that random errors turned a primordial cell into you, is stupid, doesn't know how science works, and will never have a substantial enough understanding of science to become a productive engineer." That's exactly what he meant. But if he said what he meant, he'd be dragged off stage by the men in white coats and put in a rubber-lined room. GilDodgen
Semi_OT, here is another 'science guy' that would take severe exception to Bill Nye's scorn for 'evolution deniers': Doug Axe: Lignin & the Coherent Design of the Ecosystem - podcast Excerpt: This episode of ID the Future features part of a lecture given by Biologic Institute scientist Doug Axe on his recent research on the molecule lignin. Lignin provides a paradoxical case for the Darwinian method of evolution, but fits perfectly into a design oriented scientific paradigm. Thirty percent of non-fossil organic carbon on the planet is lignin, so in a Darwinian world, something should have developed the ability to consume lignin--but it hasn't. Lignin binds together and protects plant cellulose, which is vital to all types of large plant life; "The peculiar properties of lignin therefore make perfect sense when seen as part of a coherent design for the entire ecosystem of our planet." http://www.idthefuture.com/2012/08/doug_axe_lignin_the_coherent_d.html bornagain77
So happy to see you back posting Dr Hunter. coresa
Dr. Hunter, I'm glad to see you post again.,,, I don't know if you have seen this following article yet that just came out, but it looks to be right down your alley to do a post on:
To cap or not to cap: Scientists find new RNA phenomenon that challenges dogma – August 27, 2012 by Emily Caldwell Excerpt: ,,, Until now, scientists have believed that once an mRNA is no longer needed to make protein, the cap comes off and the molecule is degraded, its job complete. But Schoenberg’s lab discovered in 2009 that some mRNAs that were thought to be degraded were instead still present in the cell, but they were missing part of their sequence and had caps placed back on the newly formed ends. Because these mRNAs were in the cytoplasm, the changes had to happen there rather than inside the nucleus.,,, “We have always thought that one gene would give an mRNA for one kind of protein. But what we have found makes us wonder if multiple proteins could be made from each of the messenger RNAs that undergo decapping and recapping in the cytoplasm,” Schoenberg said.,,, “It wasn’t random. It was very specific,” Schoenberg said. “There are specific families of mRNAs that are regulated in this way, and that has ramifications for how proteins are expressed and regulated.”,,, For now, these scientists can only speculate about what this unexpected biological process really means.,,, http://phys.org/news/2012-08-cap-scientists-rna-phenomenon-dogma.html
Unfortunately for Bill Nye he is totally ignorant pertaining to what Creationists say about evolution. And apparently he is too stupid to figure out what that is. Darwin's strawmen have a solid lock on Bill Nye's brain... Joe

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