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The Social Media Revolution

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The following YouTube video may seem overdrawn, but the social media described in it may prove critical in disarming Darwinism in the general culture:


CannuckianYankee, Yeah- the media in my view is naturally corrupt and so ID needs to be very careful. There is an old saying "no news is good news" and I think in a way this is what i am saying. The mainstream media tends to do a nebulous job at best when reporting important things. Thus does not mean that more media coverage could not be good- actually it is very good for people to find out about ID- but it needs to be done in specific ways were IDists themselves are accurately explaining and representing the theory. If ID gets out there in a loose form it could and I think would backfire tremendously. ID does not want to be a "fad" that is forgotten about and laughed at by future generations like disco or something- ID is too important and honorable for that kind of boom and bust. Frost122585
NZer: Good ideas. However, the issue is wider than "just ID" [especially "just" the bio side of ID]. What is needed is an independent origins science survey course, from soup to nuts: 1 --> an overview that brings to bear inter alia the importance of information [and its known source] with an embedded preview on the sci and phil of sci issues at stake [what is a science, what is scientific "knowledge," what is an origins science . . . strengths and weaknesses oft eh core knowledge-gaining methods ] , then 2 --> A survey from origin of cosmos to origin of life to origin of biodiversity to origin of man [with mind and morals], 3 --> An extension to addressing origins science in society 4 --> Summing up on the merits and call to action. It's tough to do that, but it can be done and it DV will be done. As to base for the course, my thought is wiki technology [for the course reader and onward references/links element] multiplied by multimedia stuff, and using course management support. I would spring for both a web base and DVD boxed set with printed form readers. GEM of TKI kairosfocus
I think that the ID movement needs to spend some time getting information on ID "out there" in the form of DVD courses and online courses. We seem to be doing poorly in this regard compared to the other side. Take for example www.teach12.com -- they have zero ID courses available, yet Darwinism is pushed through various non-Darwinism courses that I have bought. I would really like to see a documentary series, or even better, a lecture series, from the ID experts. If this was freely available online (YouTube?), it would be a great resource internationally and also dispel the numerous myths about ID that circulate. NZer
Next time you're on facebook, do a search for "Intelligent Design", there are already quite a few groups advocating it right now. Clive Hayden
Frost, I'm with you on this one. Can anyone immagine how much more misinformation regarding ID will be disseminated on Facebook or Youtube if ID supporters began a concerted campaign to "get the word out?" Small is good. CannuckianYankee
I know that the truth is that ID does not need to focus on improving it's media potential. ID needs to continue to make good scientific progress and it's advocates need to continue to accurately present the theory and stand up for it's legitimacy. The media is full of nonsense charlatan acts and ID does not need to take part it that or it will forever loose it's integrity. ID needs to stay focused on the narrow path- ID is about truth not publicity. It is doing well without the help of the establishment because it's based on solid work- not free advertisement. There is nothing wrong with exploring new ways of getting the word out but we need to make sure that people are being guided to the right sources. That is, people need to fully understand the facts about the theory - and the media does a horrible job at reporting all the relevant facts. Frost122585
A UD Facebook group would have enormous potential. PaulN
I think that, right now, what the ID movement needs most is some sort of online, social networking site aimed at interesting young people in ID theory and teaching them about the holes in Darwinism. Something like that could go a long way toward "disarming Darwinism in the general culture" and would, I bet, prove quite popular too. Hedge
Lets hope so. However, it can work both ways. It's going to come down to how effectively the Darwinian models can be debunked in the public eye. I'm not convinced enough people care one way or the other. But that's just my opinion and I hope I'm wrong about that. IRQ Conflict

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