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The synergy between UD and Post-Darwinist — Do you feel the love?

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Denyse O’Leary at Post-Darwinist is a compadre:

Here is what I think drives that sort of behavior [i.e., Christian Scholars like Simon Conway Morris talking nonsense about ID]: Some Christians in science are into emotional meltdown re ID because they have suddenly realized what is at stake:

– The only way to rule out ID is to deny that God acts in the universe, period. If he acts at all, his action may in fact be detected.

– If one insists as an article of faith that God’s action cannot be detected in principle or that it is wrong to attempt to detect them, that is a new article of faith, and one that is at odds with traditional Christian religion and conventional interpretations of the Bible.

but more generally,

– For a long time, many fine Christian scholars got along well with materialists, more or less, because no one put the issue squarely, as the ID guys have done. So Christianity in the intellectual world has been dying the death of deniability: What can you deny and still be a Christian? But now the issue is so basic that it can’t just be sophistically manipulated out of existence. Gradually realizing their dilemma, in an intuitive way, some sincere Christians retreat into meaningless abuse of ID hypotheses.

MORE: http://post-darwinist.blogspot.com/2006/06/scholars-talking-nonsense-about-id.html

Denyse is an extraordinarily bright, articulate, clever, witty, incisive lady, and her writing is first rate. I highly recommend her blog. GilDodgen
O'Leary's book, "By Design or By Chance," is a tightly-packed, readable compendium of the themes in the debate. A science reporter, she is adept at crystallizing the issues for the non-biologist reader. Her accurate presentation of ID arguments is sure to get an "amen" from the ID corner. I just bought the book last week, and couldn't put it down. UDers can check it out at http://tinyurl.com/pegz8 . (Hope that link works!) Lutepisc

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