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Theistic evolutionist: Neanderthals “not members of our own species,” despite evidence of Neanderthal ancestry

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Theology can lead us to some weird places. From Evolution News and Science Today, in a continuing series on Adam and the Genome,

As if on cue, science news today reports a remarkable discovery: cave art in Spain from upwards of 64,000 years ago, apparently by Neanderthals. The Wall Street Journal aptly summarizes the takeaway:

Neanderthals, once considered the low-brows of human evolution, may have been among the world’s first artists, creating cave paintings long before modern humanity arrived on the scene…

“Once considered”? This is timely because in the book Adam and the Genome, which we’ve been reviewing here, theistic evolutionist and biologist Dennis Venema discusses DNA that has been extracted from fossils of extinct members of the genus Homo, including Neanderthals and the recently discovered Denisovans. He claims these groups were “not members of our own species” (p. 62). Yet apparently, they were so genetically similar to humans that we could interbreed with them.More.


So Neanderthals only looked and acted like members of our species but weren’t really members of our species?

Has theistic evolution really come to this?

Look, speciation is a huge mess right now.  It really doesn’t matter how many species of giraffe there are, certainly not to the giraffe. But if we are involving humans in the debacle, we have clearly taken a wrong turn.

Hmmm. Recently, we have been hearing a lot about Neanderthals, who – like all hominins – seem to get smarter every time we research them.

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J-Mac at 1, oddly, many people DO accept it. I am just now reviewing a book where the author details the trait among Lutheran bishops. Apparently, it helps to just not know too much about the problems and be looking for something to say that a smartass who works for government broadcasting won't make fun of. News
Theology can lead us to some weird places... I'm afraid the author of this OP got theology mixed up with nonsense theology, Darwinian theology or simply we would like to make both Darwiosaurs and rebellious, uneducated buffet-Christians happy... That I could understand but not accept... Who would accept nonsense? J-Mac

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