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There Is Nothing So Preposterous That Fashionable Intellectuals Will Not Advocate It Even At The Price of Self-Delusion

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We are constantly reminded that our intellectual betters overwhelmingly believe the Darwinist party line and undoubtedly that is true.  So what?  It was not that many years ago that all fashionable intellectuals believed another party line, which, in retrospect, only a fool would believe.  I thought about that as I read this (which also might account for the sometimes hysterical tone our opponents take):

[The anti-anticommunists at Time magazine] believed a number of things. Foremost among them was the belief that peace could be preserved, World War III could be averted only by conciliating the Soviet Union. For this no price was too high to pay, including the price of willful historical self-delusion. Yet they had just fiercely supported a war [i.e., World War II] in which one of their ululant outcries had been against appeasement; and they were much too intelligent really to believe that Russia was a democracy or most of the other upside-down things they said in defense of it. Hence like most people who have substituted the habit of delusion for reality, they became hysterical whenever the root of their delusion was touched, and reacted with a violence that completely belied the openness of mind which they prescribed for others.

Whittaker Chambers



... and knowledge thereof. Axel
An information-processing system presupposes the existence of information. Mung
Despite a lifetime of indoctrination in Darwinian orthodoxy -- and a worldview (materialistic atheism) thoroughly invested in the truth of Darwin's hypothesis -- once confronted with the actual evidence (from which I had been isolated in the hermetically sealed ivory tower of academe), it became transparently obvious that it was all bunk. The notion that the biological mutation-natural-selection mechanism can account for highly sophisticated, functionally integrated information-processing hardware and software is simply preposterous on its face. This is not difficult to figure out. It's really just that simple. GilDodgen

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