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This Just In: Plants Have Leaves—Evolution Must Be True

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As if evolution was not silly enough already evolutionists are now claiming that the fact that different plants all have leaves is a compelling evidence for their belief that all of nature just happened to spontaneously arise, all by itself. I occasionally enjoy a good spoof, but this is no joke. You can see this evolutionary logic for yourself right here. Some may find this unbelievable but this example, while stupefying, is actually representative of evolutionary thinking.  Read more

So is the fact that not all plants have flowers a disproof of "evolution" (whatever that word means)? "Evolutionists," some of them at any rate, like to point to the fact that all mammalian species have exactly seven neck vertebrae as being proof of -- and of only -- Darwinism. Oddly enough, the corresponding fact that various avian species have differing numbers of neck vertebrae means nothing with respect to Darwinism. Ilion
Dr. Hunter, seeing as you deal with so many vitriolic atheists on your blog, this short video may interest you: Keith Ward: From Atheism to Christianity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Md5OFdpHhT4 bornagain77
Dr. Hunter, In any other scientific, or engineering, discipline, the scientists/engineers putting forth such unsubstantiated postulations to support their theory or plan, as Darwinists do in your article, would be summarily dismissed from their position for practicing pseudo-science! bornagain77
Dr Hunter: To every homology argument, there is a mosaic creature argument. Homologies are compatible with common descent and common design so to try to use this (and the vertebrate forelimb is also used in the same page) is to beg the question. Mosaics such as the platypus point strongly to common design and use of a library of key, adaptable components. This creature is an egg-laying, milk producing, duck-billed, venomous, beaver-tailed and web-footed mammal, whose 18,527 protein-encoding genes "contain alive-and-well representatives from mammals, birds and reptiles." GEM of TKI kairosfocus

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