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Unexpectedly? Multiple brain regions control speech

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“More evolved” brains, not “better muscles”:

Neurobiologists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine give new meaning to the term “motor mouth” in a study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. By carefully mapping neural networks in marmoset and macaque monkeys, they determined that multiple areas in the brain’s frontal lobe control the muscles of vocalization and could provide a foundation for complex speech…

“This kind of parallel processing in our neural wiring might explain why humans are capable of highly sophisticated language that allows us to share information, express and perceive emotion, and tell memorable stories,” said Strick, who also is scientific director of Pitt’s Brain Institute. “Our remarkable speech skills are due to more evolved brains, not better muscles.” University of Pittsburgh, “Neuroscientists find multiple brain regions control speech, challenging common assumption” at Medical Xpress (May 4, 2022)

Sure. It has nothing to do with ideas.

The paper is open access.

You may also wish to read: Another layer of complexity in the human brain. Researchers: Investigators led by a team at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) that previously discovered tiny channels in the skull have now found that cerebrospinal fluid (also known as “brain water”) can exit the brain into the skull’s bone marrow through these channels.

The real finding should be that multiple brain regions control thought. As people age, there is difficulty in expressing oneself because certain things seem foggy. But others are crystal clear almost like when they were in their 20’s. An elderly friend has no trouble writing extremely clear complex analyses on topics she used during her business career but wonders why she walked into a particular room. She is constantly struggling for the right word while talking. But she says is always there when writing. In fact she often considers two or three words when considering which is best. So somehow accessing different parts of the brain may be the issue. jerry
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkWmy37nmsM martin_r
Yay. They finally got away from their stupid emphasis on bones and muscles. "share information, express and perceive emotion, and tell memorable stories".... The first two functions don't require language. Every living thing from bacteria on up shares information and expresses emotions, through a variety of electrical or chemical or visual signals. "Memorable stories" are the true human specialty, requiring complex multi-layered language. polistra

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