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Unveiling of New ID Website in Australia


Intelligent Design Network Australia — www.idnet.com.au. The unveiling of this website coincides with the distribution of Unlocking the Mystery of Life to 3000 high schools.

I just heard that the professor from Kansas who was going to teach a course on creationism and ID, labeled it religion and mythology. He blames ID for indoctrination, not education. Hm...sounds a little ironic. Well Mr. Mirecki, what about the Darwinian icons that have been shown in books over and over. Is that indoctrination or education? Tell me about Professor Crocker, Sternberg and the many others whose jobs have been stigmatized because they questioned good ol' Charlie boy. All in the name of 'DARWIN'. Indoctrination or Education? Seems to me like Darwinism is the exact antithesis as it not purports to be, that is religion. It's a religion! No wonder Atheists/Humanists/Agnostics love the copies of Darwin's books. It serves as a cultural/theological platform. Benjii
Myers reminds me of why I'm not a darwinist. Benjii
Off topic... PZ Myers fatuously defending NCSE's involvement in the Rick Sternberg/Smithsonian situation.
However, one particularly entertaining part of the opinion occurs when NCSE’s advice to Smithsonian staff is discussed. Among the Smithsonian staff, there was evidently a fair bit of outraged email discussion of Sternberg’s actions — Sternberg had, after all, just involved the PBSW and the Smithsonian in an internationally-noticed scientific scandal, and had guaranteed that the PBSW and Smithsonian would now have their good names put on Discovery Institute bibliographies and talking points for the foreseeable future. In NCSE’s limited contact with individuals at the Smithsonian, we gave our usual advice (also found in the PT critique of Meyer’s paper), namely: don’t overreact, and instead focus on criticizing the scientific problems with Meyer’s article and Sternberg’s editorial decisions. In the OSC complaint, this gets portrayed as some kind of scandal
PZ pretends this should somehow exonerate NCSE? Piffle. The way for NCSE to be exonerated is to publish ALL the emails it sent to the Smithsonian in this matter. If they do not the question is begged "Why not?". I think we all know why not and "all of us" includes PZ Myers too. C'mon PZ. You know what happened to Rick was scientific McCarthyism. Be honest for a change, Myers. DaveScot
Disgusting. This is what happens when you allow an unregulated, untaxed medium like the internet. Only Kofi and Kojo can save us. Well, maybe Gore could help. pmob1

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