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Vid: Michael Strauss on the origin and design of the universe


From Access Research Network

Michael Strauss offers a religious perspective:

In this talk, Professor Strauss reviews the scientific evidence regarding the origin of the universe. He explains why the Big Bang model is the best model of the beginning of the universe given the current scientific data. Strauss also discusses the physical parameters of the universe that have allowed the universe to exist and provide an environment for supporting life. The “anthropic principle” refers to the observation that these physical parameters seem to be astonishingly well tuned to allow life to exist. The theological implications of both the big bang and the anthropic principle are discussed.

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http://www.icr.org/article/8358/ Big Bang Fizzles Under Lithium Test is the title of the above article. In the article, the following are listed as difficulties with the theory: <blockquote cite="" One way to solve the lithium problem is to jettison the Big Bang theory altogether. Actually, that would fix a long list of problems: the horizon problem,3 mature distant galaxy problem,4 dark matter problem,5 flatness problem,6 missing antimatter problem,7 young spiral galaxy problem,8 inflation ignition problem,9 asymmetry problem,10 and star formation problem.11</blockquote cite="" For footnotes, please see the article itself. It may be the best theory we have, but with these kinds of serious problems, does it really deserve to be called a legitimate scientific "theory"? It would seem a bit more support is necessary before it is given that status. But for evolutionists, there isn't much choice so they have to go with what they got, even if it doesn't measure up scientifically. Again here, we are dealing with history and the problem of testability is a real hindrance to moving forward. Even when negative results are found, the theory is not falsified, only tweaked to try and fix the problem. Problem is that most tweaks create further problems and require further tweaking. The tweak of inflation to "solve" to time horizon problem only created further problems that required dark energy and dark matter to keep it afloat. The lithium problem is simply another find that brings the whole theory into question. tjguy

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