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W.E.Loennig: Are Birds Living Dinosaurs?

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W.E.Loennig’s latest manuscript, “Are Birds Living Dinosaurs?” is, like all his earlier writings, characterized by great attention to scientific detail and willingness to engage with scientific critics (one in particular, in this case). I recommend not only this work, but many of his earlier works, which can be browsed here. I also highly recommend the German TV interview embedded above, which has English subtitles. The youtube English translation above has about 5000 views, the original German interview at the TV station has over 27,000.

W.E.Loennig, who spent 25+ years at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research in Cologne, may not be as well-known here in the US as some American ID proponents–possibly because never travels here—but he is certainly one of the most knowlegable and highly credentialed ID proponents world-wide.

Interesting video. Regarding the "who created God" argument, Loennig responds with the observation that for 2,000 years people accepted a universe that has always existed, but for some reason are choking on the possibility of an eternal God. -Q Querius
Marfin: I wasn't speaking "tongue in cheek" but I don't know if I said it seriously or not! I have no idea exactly what happened, which is why many people say design isn't "scientific", but I'm nevertheless sure you can't get from dinosaur to bird with design somewhere. Granville Sewell
G. Sewell, were you speaking tongue in cheek when you said its possible a bird hatched from a dinosaur egg , or on some level do you believe it actually is possible. Marfin
The impossibility of converting a reptile lung into an avian lung is touched upon in the following video and articles: From a Frog to a Prince: Biological Evidence of Creation – video – 2:16 minute mark https://youtu.be/TMoWfPn2pCI?t=136 Blown away by design: Michael Denton and birds’ lungs Excerpt: A classic example, he says, is the lung of the bird, which is ‘unique in being a circulatory lung rather than a bellows lung [see box]. I think it doesn’t require a great deal of profound knowledge of biology to see that for an organ which is so central to the physiology of any higher organism, its drastic modification in that way by a series of small events is almost inconceivable. This is something we can’t throw under the carpet again because, basically, as Darwin said, if any organ can be shown to be incapable of being achieved gradually in little steps, his theory would be totally overthrown.,,, The amazing bird lung As a bird breathes, air moves into its rear air sacs (1). These then expel the air into the lung (2) and the air flows through the lung into the front air sacs (3). The air is expelled by the front air sacs as the bird breathes out. The lung does not expand and contract as does a reptile’s or mammal’s. The blood which picks up oxygen from the lung flows in the opposite direction to the air so that blood with the lowest oxygen (blue in the diagram always means lower oxygen, red means high oxygen) is exposed to air with the lowest oxygen. The blood with the highest oxygen is exposed to air with an even higher oxygen concentration. This ensures that, in every region of the circulation, the concentration of oxygen in the air is more than that of the blood with which it is in contact. This maximizes the efficiency of oxygen transfer from the air to the blood. This is known as counter-current exchange. Such very efficient lungs help birds to handle the energy demands of flight, especially at high altitudes.1 https://creation.com/blown-away-by-design-michael-denton-and-birds-lungs Evidence Of Design In Bird Feathers And Avian Respiration – Andy McIntosh http://journals.witpress.com/paperinfo.asp?pid=399 bornagain77
Birds have a very unusual oxygen delivery system appropriate for flight. Hard to see how this could have ever evolved period let alone have been part of the dinosaur metabolism. jerry

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