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Was the pupil of the eye designed?

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A friend sent this in:

Macro Pupil Constricting in Slow Motion (1,000 fps) – The Slow Mo Guys

British people are not known for great eye contact, but Gav steps up his game by looking deeply into Dan’s eyes… From about 2 millimeters away to find out how quickly a pupil constricts.

See also: Philip Cunningham: The human eye, like the human brain, is a wonder

I couldn't get past the Beavis and Butthead dudes. polistra
Tjguy You hit the nail on the head. doubter
Nothing against "Seversky, JVL & co." but normally evidence like this does not even phase evolutionists because they are already convinced that evolution created everything we see. So, in their minds, whatever exists HAD to have simply evolved by natural means. This means that even if they can't explain how it evolved, they still believe that it did happen and that maybe one day, if things go well, they will be able to explain it scientifically. But that is just a hope. Anyway, the only thing that evolves is the strength of their faith - it has to be upped a notch or two to handle the new data. The just so stories might get a little less plausible, but what does it matter? They can't be tested anyway. tjguy
great video. most lay people don't realize it, but to have an auto-focus, this is a very advanced feature and a huge engineering problem. No wonder, that first primitive 'auto-focusing' camera was designed only few years ago (1977) The problem remains, even today, modern digital cameras still having troubles with an precise auto-focus, because of lens calibration, heat refraction, difficult low contrast subject, low light... and others... Now, look at human eye... instant and always accurate auto-focus, under any conditions ... even the most modern human-made digital camera's autofocus is a joke compared to human eye autofocus. Seversky, JVL & co. Do you have any idea how an instant and precise autofocus may work? I was always wondering, how Darwinian biologists imagine the evolution of an autofocus feature... This is pretty technical thing - nothing to do with biology... lots of knowledge is required ... I know, that in Darwinian fantasy world no knowledge and engineering skills are required, blind unguided process somehow always figures things out, but i would like to hear some comments anyway... Because, to have a lens does not solve the issue with autofocus, you need need to control the lens, you need to control it the right way - you need to know when the subject is in focus ... like a said, this is a huge engineering problem ... but when you are a Darwinist, you don't have to think about... it is enough to listen to Mr. Dawkins, he may tell you a just-so story on this ... actually, i looked, Darwinists do not address this problem... if someone could send me a link /article on eye-autofocus evolution i would be grateful... martin_r

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