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Was the universe “made for us”? Sabine Hossenfelder weighs in. Rob Sheldon comments


The question, addressed by theoretical physicist Sabine Hossenfelder, is more complicated than it appears at first:

Rob Sheldon “Sabine and I are on the same page — with a total data set of 1, we cannot say anything about statistics or probability of the fine-tuning constants of the observable universe.

What then can we say?

Well, we could say that it was well-designed. But that is exactly the point. To “design” something is to say that “it could have been otherwise,” which presupposes the same probability distribution” we don’t have.”

The fine-tuning argument is much stronger because it simply says that the universe shows considerable evidence of being fine-tuned to allow life to exist, if not specifically “us”:

News, “A theoretical physicist asks, was the universe made for us? She says no” at Mind Matters News

Note: Sabine Hossenfelder often raises very interesting questions:

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