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Washington, DC Mayor’s Office: Let Darwinism take care of the unvaccinated


Darwinism? Just when we thought we were veering off-topic, our issues all collide:

Elliot Tommingo, director of the Washington, DC Mayor’s Office of Veterans Affairs, said it is a “necessary evil” to allow ‘Darwinism to kill off” unvaccinated Americans, blaming them for the city’s coercive mandates, deeming them “foolish,” and accusing them of eating horse dewormer and “their own piss.”

Breitbart News on Thursday obtained screenshots from one of Tommingo’s conversations on a Facebook post… Further, last week, [Mayor Muriel Bowser decided to extend the city’s mask mandate — which applies to vaccinated individuals as well — another month.

Hannah Bleau, “Official in D.C. Mayor’s Office: It’s a ‘Necessary Evil’ to Allow ‘Darwinism to Kill off’ the ‘Foolish’ Unvaccinated” at Breitbart News (February 4, 2022)

Freedom Convoy to Washington, DC: Come in, Washington: You need truckers. The people will follow the trucks. Just watch. Stay calm, stay peaceful and polite, but honk, honk, honk. Today’s progressive politicians do not appear to understand anything else. And stock up on flags.

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and, for what’s happening in suddenly famous Canada:

What I saw at the Freedom Convoy in downtown Victoria It was all friendly; people were having a good time. There was no violence; I heard no racial epithets and saw no racial insignia. So if media tell you that it is really about white nationalism, etc., remember that the legacy Canadian media are in fact supported to stay in business by the federal government. Because few depend on them for news any more.

LCD - an amazing scene. That one will stick with me for a while. Silver Asiatic
You just can't make this stuff up: "Double vaxxed, booster, flu shot ...bla-bla, Jesus loves me" -boom! cracked skull. Vaxxed comedian collapses on stage Lieutenant Commander Data
Natural selection is the elimination of the less fit, over time. If that happens to be the elderly, it doesn't matter. And a HUGE reason people are in the ICU or dying because of C19, is due to the fact that the government, Fauci and the media are silent on the link to deficiencies in essential nutrients such as zinc and vitamin D. That makes them complicit. ET
Sadly to the chagrin of this idiot, Darwinian evolution favors me, and many people that choose not to get this flu shot DIDN’T NEED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE! AaronS1978
If we ever get a Nuremberg for this holocaust, it needs to start with the Veterans Administration, where the Bioterror monsters under Carter Mecher have been plotting and planning this genocide since 2005. Not surprising that the DC local representative of VA is talking like Hitler. polistra
Well, on a per-capita basis the vast majority of COVID patients in the ICU are unvaccinated. But they are also largely elderly, so Darwin isn’t in play. Scamp

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