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Well, if Neanderthal history is as complex as other human histories…


That’s another blow for Darwinism

DNA preserved in ancient bones and teeth has recently helped scientists reconstruct how groups of ancient humans migrated and mingled, and a new study now does the same thing for Neanderthals. Neanderthals lived in Eurasia for around 400,000 years, and it would be a huge stretch to assume they spent all that time as one big homogeneous population or that different groups of Neanderthals never migrated and mixed.

Thanks to ancient DNA, we can now begin to see how Neanderthal groups moved around Eurasia long before Homo sapiens entered the mix.

Kiona N. Smith, “Neanderthals’ history is as complicated as ours” at Ars Technica

That’s bad for “evolutionary theory.” Darwinism thrives on the application of theory to the past: Neanderthals “would have” done this or that because such and so enabled them to raise more offspring… etc.

Actual histories of the Neanderthals are like actual histories of the Navaho or the Welsh. What they “would have” done doesn’t matter; only what they apparently did. Enter historical interpretation from a variety of schools of thought.

See also: At Nature: Researcher smashes conventional evolution doctrine about insect egg shapes Some readers missed the point of this story. Nature indulged in Darwin-bashing, having found a Correct person to enable it. Can the collapse really be far off now? We’ll see.

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