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What? A logical flaw in multiverse reasoning? Aired at Scientific American?


What? A logical flaw in multiverse reasoning? Aired at Scientific American?

We thought they had swallowed the whole can of lard, can and all. But now this:

Consider the following analogy. You wake up with amnesia, with no clue as to how you got where you are. In front of you is a monkey bashing away on a typewriter, writing perfect English. This clearly requires explanation. You might think: “Maybe I’m dreaming … maybe this is a trained monkey … maybe it’s a robot.” What you would not think is “There must be lots of other monkeys around here, mostly writing nonsense.” You wouldn’t think this because what needs explaining is why this monkey—the only one you’ve actually observed—is writing English, and postulating other monkeys doesn’t explain what this monkey is doing…

But isn’t there scientific evidence for a multiverse? Some physicists do indeed think there is a tentative empirical evidence for a kind of multiverse, that described by the hypothesis of eternal inflation. According to eternal inflation, there is a vast, exponentially expanding mega space in which certain regions slow down to form “bubble universes,” our universe being one such bubble universe. However, there is no empirical ground for thinking that the constants of physics—the strength of gravity, the mass of electrons, etc.—are different in these different bubble universes. And without such variation, the fine-tuning problem is even worse: we now have a huge number of monkeys all of whom are typing English.

Philip Goff, “Our Improbable Existence Is No Evidence for a Multiverse” at Scientific American

There is no scientific evidence for a multiverse. There are a large number of intellectuals who need it to be true. At one time, there was a large number of similar people who needed witchcraft to be true.

Philip Goff may be worth paying attention to. See, for example, “Meet the serious panpsychists.” You don’t have to agree with him. But he isn’t some idiot who is trying to tell you that your consciousness is an illusion.

See also: The multiverse is science’s assisted suicide

Of course there is scientific evidence that a multiverse exists. It's existed at least since dawn of quantum physics. There are countless first-person accounts of visits to alternate realities or "worlds." The evidence for a multiverse has only increased over time and has become more conclusive. Also, the existence of a "multiverse" is logically inescapable. The fact that materialists use the theory to account for their materialist miracles doesn't change that. William J Murray
At one time = 2020. The witch burners are in FULL CHARGE OF THE WORLD now. polistra
Y'all get a bigger view of the multiverse and its realtion to fine tuning by reading the first part of my 2018 book "What is Man? Adam, alien or ape?" I write as a scientist with two physics doctorates but in a layperson-friendly, mildly humorus style to show the emptiness and self-contradictions implicit in the multiverse concept. The book is available on line. Edgar Andrews
The article includes fine-tuning, and makes a rational argument. How long until it's cancelled? BobRyan
My god this is rational AaronS1978
"consciousness is an illusion" is as dumb as "you don't exist". Hehe. Hehehehe. mike1962
"Some physicists..." Respect science. Don't respect scientists. Esp those that blather on beyond the science in pop publications. What a ridiculous bunch. #SciencePlusPoliticsEqualsPolitics mike1962

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