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What happened to astronomer Martin Gaskell, dumped for thinking that the universe is designed?


Did you ever wonder what happened to Astronomer Martin Gaskell who got dumped at the University of Kentucky for someone of admittedly inferior qualifications because he thought the universe showed evidence of design? He settled with the university for lost wages and went on to work on a telescope in Chile. This was his crime.

He is currently at the University of California Santa Barbara:

My primary research interests are in theoretical and observational studies of what happens around the most bizarre objects in the universe: supermassive black holes in the centers of galaxies. As matter spirals into these black holes, it produces a tremendous release of energy as what is called an “active galactic nucleus” or AGN for short. AGNs are the most powerful energy sources in the universe (more powerful than an entire galaxy of stars). Because they are so luminous they can be seen far away back in the early days of the formation of galaxies when the universe was young …

I enjoy teaching at all levels from introductory course for non-scientists to advanced graduate courses. I also greatly enjoy working one on one with students on individual research projects, theses, etc. More.

Apparently, a fulltime Darwin lobbyist was involved in the consultations, which tells you how much rot afflicted the system.

All’s well that ends well, this time. But calling off the pack might be an idea too.

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There are some fine minds who discriminate against any Deists much less just Christians, but they are greatly outnumbered by arrogant mediocrities who have never created a thing. Contrasted with the very partial list compiled by Gaskell of great astronomers and physicists, creators and innovators of new understandings in science who have been at least Deists: Nicholas Copernicus Johannes Kepler Galileo Galilei Sir Isaac Newton Sir William Herschel Michael Faraday James Clerk Maxwell Albert Einstein Sir Arthur Eddington Sir James Jeans Erwin Schrödinger Heber Curtis Henry Norris Russell Allan Sandage Henry Margenau Of course, hard line materialists just claim that such geniuses or close-to-geniuses being all too human can still be blinded to the truth by irrational cultural, social and psychological influences. Too bad they don't realize that here, the shoe is definitely on the other foot. doubter
Interesting indeed! Unfortunately, the tiny minds who discriminate so passionately against Christians or suspected Christians don't recognize the illegitimacy of their prejudices because deep inside, they know they're right. :P Incidentally, Professor Gaskell seems to be teaching at UC Santa Cruz at this time. -Q Querius
News, thanks for the link to his paper. I hadn’t seen it before. It was an interesting read. Ed George

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