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What the Science Really Says: The Theory of Evolution Versus the Fact of Evolution or Science Versus Religion

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While evolutionists consistently state that evolution is a fact beyond all reasonable doubt, the empirical evidence consistently states otherwise. One can see examples of this in the scientific journals, where articles assume evolution is true from the beginning, but then also present the scientific evidence which point in the other direction. It is interesting to see this manifestation of science versus religion buried in the depths of research papers. Here is one paper that tries to explain how evolution works, but must admit that “we know little about the fundamental principles of phenotypic variability that permit new phenotypes to arise.”  Read more

Thanks to the prominence of ID and long time trench work of YEC I note always any thing sent to the public on evolution, clearly or hinting stresses the demise of Genesis in conclusions . They feel threatened and feel they are losing ground. Until Id came it was already 50/50 for evolution belief. ID being from well degree ed folks is the taught of secret circles . They must conclude a serious threat has come. They do. Everything they write is advocacy against the creationist criticisms. If evolution was a fact. then it should be easy to prove it. I recently watched, I think, Mr Coyne give the evidences for evolution. it was incredible to me to see him punch home its about evidence and then just poverty of facts followed. It was almost embarrassing. We Canadians are sensitive. I recommend this talk of his. Evolution really was after all just a hunch and lines of reasoning from the hunch. I see evolutionists today like alcemists of yore. They mix mutations instead of minerals to discover the Gold. The truth. Robert Byers
As to “we know little about the fundamental principles of phenotypic variability that permit new phenotypes to arise.”,,, Here is another coffin nail for the genetic reductionism model (modern synthesis) of neo-Darwinism:
Are genes our destiny? 'Hidden' code in DNA,,, Excerpt: The plants were all clones of a single ancestor, so their DNA sequences were essentially identical across the generations. Thus any changes in how the plants expressed certain genetic traits were likely to be a result of spontaneous changes in (arising from) their epigenetic code - variations in the methylation of the DNA sites- not the result of variations in the underlying DNA sequences. http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-09-genes-destiny-hidden-code-dna.html

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