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When I first heard about the Cuckservatives…


… here, I (O’Leary for News) would have just hit Delete except for one thing: I’d heard from the Dark Enlightenment* before when they were promoting science writer Nicholas Wade’s apparent defense of Darwinian evolution-based racial theories in Troublesome Inheritance

Well, their latest is

The cuckservative is often fanatically in favor of transracial adoption. He sees it as some divine calling. In a sense, this is cuckoldry at its essence, since these whites are usually forgoing their own inclusive fitness to adopt someone from another race. As Heartiste notes, they’re race-cucking their own families.

Although the cuckservative is eager to show his PC bona fides by openness to other races, he really doesn’t want to know about other races. Human biodiversity terrifies the cuckservative, as deep down he has bought into blank-slatism and egalitarianism. The cuckservative would rather just have a Herman Cain or Clarence Thomas poster on his wall than actually have to honestly think about race.

*Wouldn’t “Endarkenment” be preferable, as it is more concise? Never mind, the main message here is: Seemingly, Darwinian racism includes “Teflon man” coverage. Nothing they do or say sticks to them if some theory of natural selection/evolution/ascent from the apes is invoked.

In this context, from my post of December 30, 2014, on events from the previous July:

Nicholas Wade’s Troublesome Inheritance faction was back, like the monthly furnace bill. Charging anyone and everyone (who isn’t a member of Racists for Darwin?) with being a “creationist.” As we had suspected, it wasn’t so much a hissy fit on their part as a strategy – as implied by “Julie,” who writes to the News desk regularly on their behalf:

The example given offers us someone named Holly Dunsworth: “At least @HollyDunsworth is now being open about her creationism.”

Disinclined to pursue a possibly circular Twitter feed, I ran a search on Holly Dunsworth, probably the biological anthropologist at the University of Rhode Island:

I teach courses in biological anthropology which include Human Origins (APG 201), Sex and Reproduction in Our Species (APG 310), Human Variation (APG 350), and The Human Fossil Record (APG 300). Also, I regularly contribute to the science blog The Mermaid’s Tale.

Okay, an unexceptional leftist academic; what’s the news here, among so many thousands?

From Julie again: “Which is really pissing off some of the politically correct academics, since being called a “creationist” is about the worst thing imaginable to them.”

Yes but also the least likely to be believed.

Creationists do have some standards, after all. One must believe that there have been acts of creation that go beyond the Big Bang.

Nonetheless, Wade’s faction stepped up the “creationist” attacks.

File under: Creationism: Look, in that case, almost every certifiably sane person writing on these subjects is a creationist. Is that the outcome you sought, Wade faction?

See also: Why is it now so cool to be a creationist?

Note: I am going to be quite busy for much of today with my alternate night job, as opposed to the usual one, so news posting will be light for some hours.

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Yes there is people who adapt kids JUST because they are of other "races". Its racist if there was such a thing as racism,. There is not They are once again rejecting humanity and possibly their identity or countrymen. Itsw strange to see such convicyion about there being racial innate DNA determined controls on human smarts or morality or any human attribute. They did nothing but, since ww11, try to convince the world we were all equal. Yet really they just didn't like the Arayan or anglo-saxon or man or white presumptions to superiority and then a racial/sexual superiority. As long as its not THEM then race/sex dna smarts is okay. Unfortuanately some of the historical losers are still meant to be the losers. It shows there is a great identity problem in mankind and our nations on smarts/morals and who get what and deserves it. Its biblical and obvious now all people are created by god in his image , and so intelligence, and there is a blank slate after all. Yes motivation and location and identity , shape the baby. Maybe entirely but thats all it is. All is curves and can be proven so. I am confident I could of been the most moral and intelligent person that ever lived and so could everyone else. Its just about learning things but identity determines this almost entirely. . Robert Byers
I'm sorry, this is some sort of fight between racist white-power conservatives, and the ordinary sorta racist conservatives? Which side is ID on? REC
OT: podcast "Is Human Reason Reliable? Interview with Nancy Pearcey, part 2" http://intelligentdesign.podomatic.com/entry/2015-07-15T15_53_56-07_00 here is part 1 of the interview for those who missed it: http://www.discovery.org/multimedia/audio/2015/07/finding-truth-interview-with-nancy-pearcey/ bornagain77
When Wade and his kind are finally and conclusively discredited in a most public way, and they receive their career nemesis, it might be interesting to keep track of how he is faring in what will be a strange new world for him. Axel
Humana-WHAT? That is just SO last season! Just SO lo-fashion budget runway. News
Quite disturbing. That Occam's Razor blog could make you lose faith in humanity. daveS

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