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While you’re making other plans…

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If it has never happened to you, then surely its happened to someone you know. It’s one of those things that just happens. You’re going along, perhaps following a plan or attempting to reach some particular goal, and then something offstage occurs, and changes everything. The reasons are innumerable; someone becomes ill, an earthquake rumbles, a war breaks out. As John Lennon once wrote, “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans”.

My household has entered one of those unfortunate occurrences, and so I must adjust. At the start of November I published Biosemiosis.org with certain goals in mind. I opened the site accepting contributions, and had planned to assemble a board by the end of the first quarter. While the long-term goals for Biosemiosis have not changed, new circumstances will take me away from my plans, at least for a period of time.

The information published on Biosemiosis.org has been especially well received. Thus far it has been seen by interested readers in 654 cities in 63 countries. This has occurred almost entirely as a result of organic growth, and I have no desire to interrupt that growth. So I will leave Biosemiosis.org up on the web, but I have suspended the contribution function, and in fairness, have offered to reverse the charges to all who have contributed.

Biosemiosis is a profound set of observations. The ongoing dialogue about design in biology is not possible without the discussion of information, and semiosis provides the undeniable bones of that conversation. As one of the readers mentioned, it’s an argument for design hiding in plain sight. I am truly honored that design advocates are referencing semiosis in their comments and using Biosemisosis.org as a resource. I hope they will continue to do so. Also, along with the articles already published here (UD) and on ComplexityCafe, there are additional articles I have been working on, and will see to it that those are published as well.

Finally, I’d like to simply thank all those who have read the site and those who have generously contributed.

Thank You.

And with that, I wish nothing but good health and good fortune to all in this new year, and now, as they say in Hollywood – I’ll be back!

Thank you Mung Thank you GPuccio You both have been very kind. I think I've probably mentioned my hope of getting a conversation started about semiosis and its entailments among people with more tools than I have. Perhaps that wish is getting closer. - - - - - - - - Also, Jon Garvey -- Thank you. The Hump of the Camel Upright BiPed
UB: Thank you for all the wonderful and stimulating work you have done! I really wish you the best, and hope that everything turns out well. Be sure of my friendship and esteem. gpuccio
Thanks Upright BiPed, for your overall project and your sites! Life as we know if certainly appears to depend on digitally encoded information, and if this is in fact the case, and who can deny it, there are certain entailments involved. [And they say ID theory doesn't entail anything.] You have done an excellent job of pointing this out and provided many amusing hours watching the skeptics squirm and avoid at all costs even accepting the fundamental observations, much less the inference to be drawn from them. Wishing you and your family the best! Mung

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