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Who do voodoo? They do. Social neuroscientists, that is ….


Hey, you’ve heard it all from the fashion mag at the local clip shop, … so, like, what can I add, really?

Neuroscience shows why women love shopping, why gay guys read maps like women, why jealous guys … come to think of it, why does neuroscience only tell us what we already heard from that high school drop-out cousin, shooting pool down in the rec room between his split shifts at the loading dock?

Is this really science? Probably not, say a team of statisticians, who took a look at some of these studies. Basically, many of the claimed correlations were simply too high to be possible. That was because the “social neuroscience” people were cherry picking the data. Read more here.

I wonder how many neuroscientists are cherry picking data when they claim to have evidence that mankind doesn't really have free will (based on their studies of the brain and consciousness etc.). Domoman
Cherry picking the data... Like all good darwinists... Gods iPod

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