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Why David Coppedge is Guilty

In our on-going investigation of the David Coppedge case we have uncovered some rather sordid details that suggest Coppedge has far more to hide than his misdeeds that are now so well known.  Read more
merlin, What you might not know about Paul Burnett is that he doesn't give a damn about the science, and he never has. He wants to prosecute Christians, that's all that motivates him. Consequently he envisions himself standing at a waterfall, shouting truth to power. In actuality, he's a grunt for the orthodoxy. He comes to one of the few intellectual outposts for the minority, only to castigate its members for gathering together. Upright BiPed
PaulBurnett, I will confess on my behalf, and for a lot of people I don't know. Most supporters of ID here are Christians, many are YEC's. Many would like to convert you to Christianity. Get over it. Deal with the science. merlin
A song for you David Coppedge: Kutless- Shut Me Out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_2TE7dldGs bornagain77
David Coppedge is on the Board of Directors of Illustra Media, a shell company of Discovery Media, which in turn is the successor to the infamous Moody Institute of Science, the producer of pro-creationism media for the fundamentalist Moody Bible Institute. This is nothing more than an old creationist propaganda organization evolving to take advantage of the intelligent design phenomena. And Coppedge seems to be playing the agitprop part well. This is just one more example of the clear connection between fundamentalist religion and intelligent design. PaulBurnett
Coppedge should have been fired for his puns. http://crev.info/ is contaminated with them. merlin
Personally, I would not rely on the Discovery Institute for unbiased reporting of these matters. In any event, we have still only heard one side of the story. JPL appears to be a Federally-funded research center managed by CalTech under contract from NASA. Whether that would raise questions about the separation of church and state is a question for lawyers. In any event, I would suspect that most employers would want to steer clear of any religious entanglements and would incorporate restrictions on activities like proselytizing in their contracts of employment. If that is the case, then Coppedge could conceivably be in breach of contract. As an employee, he would not be free to do and say whatever he liked during working hours. He would be bound by the terms of the contract he signed. If he was found to be in breach of those terms then his employer could be entitled to take disciplinary action. As far as we know Coppedge has not been fired. He is still free to promote ID and peddle his DVDs, just not on company time. Seversky
Actually, an even better account is the April 20 article by Jay Richards at http://www.evolutionnews.org/2010/04/do_the_jpl_supervisors_who_dem.html Everyone HAS to read this article, by Jay Richards. Granville Sewell
A much more informative and accurate account of the facts, than the SF paper you link to, is at: http://www.discovery.org/a/14511 "Orwellian" is an understatement. Granville Sewell
This is just so Orwellian: 1984 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9PQ16KVntQ bornagain77

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