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Will black holes really break physics?


Some worry about that:

Black holes are some of the most extreme objects in the Universe, capable of tearing stars apart and bending spacetime into tortured shapes. But, you might not know about their most extreme trait; they appear to undermine the very laws of physics as we know it.

Welcome to the Black Hole Information Paradox, a terrible name for one of cosmologies most fascinating mysteries.

The problem comes from how black holes eat stuff and burp them back up again. Who would have thought that table manners would cause such a conundrum? So, black holes eat up matter from the Universe, from dust and gas clouds to whole star systems. This matter is taken into the singularity, which makes the black hole heavier and larger. But, black holes slowly lose mass through quite a complex quantum effect around the event horizon, which turns the mass of the black hole into homogenous radiation called Hawking Radiation. The black hole will continue to emit this radiation until all of its mass has evaporated away. Sounds simple right? Black holes eat up stuff from our universe and turn it into simple radiation. The problem is that this simplistic narrative breaks physics. You see, the black hole isn’t just eating matter and belching radiation, it is reversing entropy. This shouldn’t be possible.

Will Lockett, “Do Black Holes Break Physics?” at Medium

Physicists? Whaddaya think?

No they do not. To understand why, use the lens of SPIRAL's 'Black-hole illusion resolution'. (Past, not ongoing, hyper-density at galactic center 'black-holes'. Reference SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis and model in volume II of the YeC moshe Emes series for Torah and science alignment. Pearlman
Now just a minute. Black Holes TRANSFORM matter, which is perfectly acceptable no-net-loss-wise. Stars also transform matter whilst also expelling energy. And I gotta wonder how close to 100% a normal star comes during the various processes that turn Helium into Iron, etc. So, we know NEXT TO NOTHING about Black Holes. But if we keep watching them and thinking about what we "see", we can make MUCH better wild guesses. mahuna
The theory claims that the more stuff a black hole gobbles up, the less it radiates. When I was in my Christian high school, 14 years and 8 kids ago, they had a good science program. And I belonged to the physics club. (as well as the gun club and the book of psalms club) We spent some time on black holes and entropy. if I remember, black holes got temperature because they got entropy. Black hole temperature goes down proportionately as the diameter increases because the entropy increases with increasing rapidity as you add mass. The radiation goes with T^4, from Bolzmann's formula. So when you add mass, and they get bigger, and the temperature goes down at a moderate rate, the radiation really tanks. TAMMIE LEE HAYNES
Soooooooo maybe they don’t have an infinite capacity to gobble stuff up AaronS1978

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