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Will it be possible to upload our consciousness one day?

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To “the Singularity”?

Science writer John Horgan interviews Neuroskeptic (Discover)

It’s a wonder anyone is asking. Aren’t we still baffled as to what consciousness is?

Perceptronium vs. the immateriality and consciousness?

We might usefully decide first what we are trying to upload.

See also: Why the human mind continue to baffle

I downloaded my consciousness. It must have been uploaded somehow. Mung
Unless someone can find a combination of algorithm and input for which no human being can answer whether it halts, then no, the human consciousness cannot be uploaded. Because if no such combination can be found, then humans have capacities which no machine can duplicate. Futhermore, if it can also be proven that any human neuron can be duplicated by the appropriate algorithm, then it will be proven that the human intellect consists of more than our brains. EvilSnack
Two words- metal colander :) Joe
If it were possible, wouldn't it have already occurred? Seems to me that computers would've already made themselves known to us and we would be interacting with them on some conscious level. But, we aren't, so this leads me to believe that a parallel to the Fermi Paradox is in motion. OldArmy94

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